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RED (Small) Long Pull Up Stretch Bands
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RED (Small) Long Pull Up Stretch Bands

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The long pull up stretch bands are strong and durable bands to incorporate into your exercise.

It can be used to improve mobility and stretching, which will help with injury prevention and improved posture.

These strong and durable bands are great for multiple exercise movements.


MATERIAL: Made from 100% natural latex.

 PULL-UPS: These bands are perfect for learning pull-ups as it will take some of your weight. The thicker the band, the more weight it would take off.  

STRETCHING: These bands make a great addition to your yoga, pilates workout and can help with encouraging a stretch on resistance.

REHABILITATION AND STRENGTH TRAINING: These bands are even adaptable at home for anyone looking to for an injury prevention or injury rehabilitation tool. The long bands are a great addition to a rehabilitation program to promote core strength and promote muscle growth.

Ideal for Any Level Athlete